Top Hytera Two-Way Radio Models For 2022

Posted by Two Way Direct on 11th Mar 2022

Top Hytera Two-Way Radio Models For 2022

Hytera has a wide variety of two-way radios in digital or analog to fit your specific needs. These handheld devices have different features like GPS, Bluetooth, Man Down options, large channel capacity, and bright OLED displays. Whatever your need is, Hytera has you covered.

Below is a list that we have put together of the top Hytera two-way radio models below to fit your business communication needs.

Hytera TC-320 Two-Way Radio

The Hytera TC-320 two-way radio is part of the HYT series radio by Hytera. It is a popular two-way radio choice due to its compact ergonomic design, superb sound quality, and price point. This HYT radio is built to enhance user comfort while maintaining a professional appearance.

With its low cost, 2-watts of power, and 16 programmable channels, this is an ideal entry-level two-way radio for retail and hospitality industries.

Hytera TC-508 Two-Way Radio

The Hytera TC-508 two-way radio is one of Hytera’s most popular analog two-way radios. It is a lightweight but robust radio, built to withstand tough work environments while remaining functional. It features 4-watts of power and 16 programmable channels allowing you to make sure your team stays connected.

The TC-508 features enhanced voice quality and longer battery life up to 14 hours based on the 5-5-90 cycle of use. These features make this an ideal two-way radio choice for the hospitality, manufacturing, retail, education, and construction industries.

Hytera BD502i Two-Way Radio

The Hytera BD502i two-way radio is a compact business digital DMR radio, that features both digital and analog voice communications. This allows you to continue operating your existing analog frequencies and the choice to upgrade to digital when needed. With an IP54 rating, the BD502i radio can protect its functionality against dust and water.

It features 4-watts of power, 16 hours of use, and 48 programmable channels to allow broader and longer communication. This is an excellent entry into Hytera’s mid-tier businesses radios and makes it an ideal handheld choice for retail stores, hotels, construction, and manufacturing facilities.

Hytera HP602 Two-Way Radio

The Hytera HP602 two-way radio is Hytera’s newest business digital DMR two-way radio in its H-Series. The radio has a compact and lightweight intuitive design. With its abundant list of features, it is still an extremely user-friendly device. The one-line OLED display allows its user to see the necessary information when in use, such as channel selection and battery life. It comes standard with enhanced worker safety features like a programmable emergency button, emergency calling, priority interrupt, and Man Down.

The HP602 features 4-watts of power, 1024 channels, exceptionally loud and clear audio thanks to its AI-Based Noise Canceling, and up to 20 hours of battery life based on the 5-5-90 use cycle. Whether in an office setting or the most severe working environment, you can rely on this radio to keep you and your team connected.

Hytera HP782 Two-Way Radio

The Hytera HP782 two-way radio is our final radio on our top Hytera radios list. It is also part of Hytera’s highly popular new H-Series. This two-way radio features a 2.4" TFD-LCD display, a full keypad, 4-watts of power, and 1024 programmable channels. It has a slightly longer battery life than the HP602 of up to 24 hours which allows for longer use time and reliability when you need it.

The rugged design of the HP782 only adds value to the usability and functionality. The HP7 series radios come standard with the same enhanced worker safety features as the HP6 series radios. Designed to withstand the harshest work environments, the HP782 has an IP rating of 68.

This is an ideal radio to keep your employees safe, connected, and empowered with reliable and efficient communications while on the job.


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