Two Way Radio Tips and Tricks

Posted by Two Way Direct on 21st Feb 2023

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    Today we are going to walk through some common questions, which we receive from our customers regarding their two way radio systems. These tips and tricks will hopefully give our customers and other radio users some more insight on how to preserve their communications.

Why is my radio not transmitting properly? Why can’t my team hear me without static/issues?

    If you are experiencing reception issues, the problem may be that there is some interference in your system. One way to enhance communications is to find a higher ground level with no obstructions. Sometimes trees and other barriers get in the way and make it more difficult for signal to reach. Another option is to utilize a repeater to boost your coverage. This is a great way to make sure that your signal extends as far as it is needed. Lastly, be sure that the antennas on your handhelds are not broken or bent, which can cause reception issues. Never carry these radios by the antenna as this radio part is a vital aspect of your communications.

Why does my radio/battery die so quickly?

   If your radio is dying quickly or doesn’t seem to be holding charge, it may be time to replace the battery. It is important to remember that batteries have shelf-lives and that they do not last forever. To check the manufacture date on your battery, look at the data code on your product. A couple of things that you can do to preserve your newer batteries include:

1.Turning off your handhelds before charging.

This will allow your product to reach 100% charge.

2.Do not overcharge your batteries.

Overcharging and undercharging are both not great for your two way radios. Be sure that you only charge after the radio has been in use.

3.Utilize multi-unit chargers.

Multi-unit chargers are great options for consolidating and maintaining two way radio fleets. By charging all the radios at one time, handhelds can remain consistent in their communications and be accounted for when not in use.

Is there something I can use to help protect the radios from potential damage?

    There are many options to help keep your two way radios intact. Accessories such as rubber carry cases, belt clips, and audio accessories all protect these handhelds from being dropped and destroyed.

    In the case that your handheld does experience damage, check the warranty on the radio to see if you can get it fixed at no cost.

How do I clean my two-way radios/accessories if they are not waterproof?

     If your team is sharing audio accessories or devices, you will definitely want to keep those items sanitary for use. The best way to clean these, regardless of whether they are waterproof or not, would be with a sanitary wipe. This way, the product is cleaned and dries quickly.

     Hopefully some of this information has answered any questions you may have about your two way radio system.


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