Two Way Radio Wattage

Posted by Two Way Direct on 24th Oct 2022

What is two-way radio wattage and why is it important?

Each two-way radio model is designed for a specific market segment. Whether that is for consumer use or business or commercial purposes, each radio possesses specific features, which enable it to accommodate for those individual settings and environments.

One of these features is wattage. Two-Way Radio wattage is what gives your handheld its level of radio signal. So, with more wattage you will accomplish longer distances. A handheld with 2 watts will not be able to reach as far or with as clear of audio transmission as a radio possessing 4 watts of power.

As a real-life example, let’s look at the TWD XTR300U as opposed to the TWD XTR50U. While these two handheld options are great for their specific purposes, in the case of wattage they are very different.

With 5 watts of power, the XTR300U is able to reach way beyond what the XTR50’s 2 watts could reach. Check out these videos to compare:

XTR300U Coverage Test:

XTR50 Coverage Test:

As you can see, the XTR300U model is able to extend beyond 33 floors while the XTR50U is meant for use within smaller distances.

It is estimated that for every watt of power you will get a mile of coverage. So, when purchasing a two-way radio, be sure that you understand the environment you will be working in as well as its coverage and durability requirements. Typically radios with higher wattage are also designed to be more durable.


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