​Vocality RoIP Is FirstNet Certified

Posted by Two Way Direct on 11th Dec 2019

Vocality RoIP is now FirstNet Certified. This means the kit has been rigorously tested to ensure it is capable of being a secure communication path for First Responders.

What is FirstNet Certified?

To get a device or application FirstNet Certified, the product has to demonstrate the ability to meet certain standards for first responders in an emergency. The criteria will depend on the product and how it will be used in a given situation.

The devices are typically put through four main test phases: Safe for Netwok (SFN), Lab Tests, Field Tests, and Interoperability Tests. The network testing is preformed initially to ensure the device quality. The lab tests are to verify the functionality whereas the field tests are to test the infrastructure. Finally, the interoperability testing is to verify the device and network connection.

Introduction to Interoperability and the Cubic Vocality Device

Watch the video above to understand the basics of LMR, Land Mobile Radio, to LTE Interoperability with a Cubic Vocality RoIP, Radio Over IP, kit. We discuss the difference in connecting your Vocality unit to a mobile radio versus a handheld radio.

Cubic Vocality RoIP In Action

In the video above we put interoperability to the test. We used our handheld radio in our headquarters office in California to talk to our CEO in Tennessee.

Get Interoperability

Call us at  (888) 742-5893 to learn more about Interoperability and how you can use the Vocality RoIP kit in your public safety office.