Vertex VX-230 Batteries


The Vertex Standard VX-230 series handheld radio features 16 channels in a compact and lightweight design that has made it a longtime favorite for teams seeking a reliable go-to when needing radio communications out in the field.

Not long after the radio made its debut, Vertex made a change to the design of the batteries that their products use – going from a 3-point to a 4-point connector setup. For those still using the VX-230 handhelds and the VX-231 battery, it meant having to either update the power sources for their entire radio fleet, or finding a means to keep their Vertex 231 radio batteries & charging stations working for a long as possible.

Luckily, at Two Way Direct we offer battery solutions to accommodate both the 3-point and 4-point style batteries with both in-house products (including high-capacity VX-231 batteries) and units from Vertex Standard.