Vertex VX231 Earpieces

Managing security for an event or handling the backstage duties during a theatrical performance can require the use of radio communications, but without the potential distractions of radio chatter being heard by guests in attendance. For those jobs that need a more discreet radio solution, Two Way Direct offers many different Vertex VX231 earpieces and related accessories for your surveillance needs.

Two Way Direct has a wide selection of options to outfit your team with the VX231 earpiece solution that you might need out in the field. We proudly offer:

  • 1-wire surveillance kits
  • 2-wire surveillance kits
  • 3-wire surveillance kits
  • Replacements parts such as clear acoustic tubes, earmolds, and memory foam ear tips
  • A wide variety of in-house items designed to work with multiple Vertex radio types, including the Vertex VX261, VX264, VX451, VX453, VX459, EVX531, EVX534, and EVX539
  • Multiple earpiece accessories from Klein Electronics

While discretion is a good reason for purchasing a VX231 surveillance kit for your handheld radios, other benefits to consider are:

  • Quicker access for response when the mic is located on the user’s chest/shoulder
  • Less chance of dropping your radio and causing damage