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Discontinued Vertex Standard VXR-7000 Repeater UHF [VXR-7000UD-PKG1]


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VXR-7000UD-PKG1. Vertex Standard - VXR-7000 50W VHF/UHFDesktop RepeaterWith a long list of built in features, the Vertex VXR-7000 Series Base/Repeater Station sets the standard for mid-power, continuous duty base station and repeater applications. This unit offers unmatched features for all segments of industry and Public Safety.Whether used as a base station, with its attractive housing and user-friendly controls, or as remote repeater in the most demanding environments, the Vertex VXR-7000 will provide years of reliable service. The Vertex VXR-7000 is a base station / repeater. As a base, it can be used with the optional MD-11A8J desktop microphone. It has a front facing speaker for loud and clear receive audio and 16 channels to select from. The built in DTMF decoder is a perfect fit with our Emergency and ANI functions built into our mobiles and portables! As a vertex UHF repeater, it has a built in multi-tone feature that allows it to operate up to 16 sub-audible signaling tones on a single channel! It can also be used at the same time as a full featured repeater and a base station. If the dispatcher presses the PTT, it automatically switches to base mode and switches back to repeat mode as soon as the PTT is released.

VXR-7000 Series

Dual-Purpose Repeater for Efficient Communications

  • 16 Channels
  • 10 to 50 Watts (adjustable)
  • VHF: 134 – 150 MHz; 150 – 174 MHz
  • UHF: 400 – 430 MHz; 450 – 480 MHz
  • 8-Character ANI/ENI ID Display
  • FCC Narrowbanding Compliant
The Vertex VXR-7000 not only helps expand communication range, but it also serves as a base station for convenient, easy fleet communications in public safety, industrial or administrative work areas. Continuous-duty and cycle-rated.
Convert To Talk At A Press Of A Button
Can immediately switch to function from vertex UHF repeater mode to base station mode simply by pressing the Push To Talk transmit button. Once released, the unit converts back to repeater mode.
Local or Remote Operating Capability
Controlled by the operator with a press of a button, the Vertex VXR-7000 is designed to function as programmed. Or, switch to remote mode and the unit is controlled by instructions received from an external device connected to the accessory connector.
When Safety Counts
Has DTMF decoding built-in to coordinate with the Emergency and ANI functions found in Vertex Standard mobile and portable two-way radios. If an Emergency alert is received from a mobile or portable radio, the VXR-7000 will beep loudly and blink the LCD to notify the dispatcher of the emergency alert.
Uninterrupted Power Supply
For uninterrupted operation during power failures, a 12-volt rechargeable battery may be connected. During a power outage, the automatic power control circuit will immediately switch the vertex UHF repeater to the backup battery.
FCC Narrowbanding Compliant
Meets the FCC Part 90 requirement for using 12.5 kHz channels by January 1, 2013.
Additional Features
• 47 CTCSS / 108 DCS Codes Encode and Decode
• CW ID Transmitter
• BCLO, BTLO Functions
• DTMF Encode and Decode • Community Repeater Operation (up to 16 tones)
• Time-Out Timer, Hang Timer and Guard Timer
• D-Sub 25 Pin Accessory Connector
• Line Interface Port
• Duplexer Installation Kit
• Internal VHF Duplexer 148 – 160 MHz
• Internal UHF Duplexer 440 – 470 MHz